Rabies is a viral disease that affects many types of animal, and is known to be particularly prevalent in wild animals. It is a highly contagious disease and can spread very quickly, with domestic pets contracting Rabies from coming into contact with infected wild animals a common occurrence. Domestic pets that have been bitten by wild animals, or by an unknown assailant, will need to be checked for the virus as it spreads through bites or cuts, and likewise people that have been bitten should also undergo medical checks for the disease. Lately there have been many reports of an increase in stray animals as owners find they cannot afford to feed them and simply turn them free; many of these animals are subsequently handed in to shelters, and stray cats and dogs can be prime candidates as carriers of rabies. As we have already said it is possible for all animals – both domestic and wild – to contract rabies, and the condition can also be passed to humans through animal bites. It is widely considered that wild animals are the most prone to the disease, as these are not subject to the checks and the general care that domestic pets are routinely given: Foxes and raccoons, and skunks and hogs are all common carriers of rabies, and in the wild should be avoided by both owners and pets to be sure to limit the chances of infection. It is essential to stress again that any suspected case of rabies or any person or animal that has been bitten b y another, should seek medical help immediately, as rabies is a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease. As we have already seen, rabies is a very dangerous illness that requires instant medical intention, and as such it is vital that all domestic pets undergo the correct routine of anti-rabies shots in order to help prevent infection. Vaccination is carried out as a routine precaution on thousands of animals every day, and should be the first consideration for the owner of a new pet; dogs and cats are particularly susceptible, and universally popular, and need to be attended to as soon as they are of suitable age. Those pets that will be roaming outdoors with the likelihood of meeting other wild or domestic animals, cats in particular are the most vulnerable. Animal shelters receive incoming stray pets every day, and these will be checked for and vaccinated against rabies, giving the potential owner the peace of mind that their new pet is healthy and protected. They will also be neutered or spayed to prevent unnecessary breeding, and as such buying a pet from a shelter is an affordable and sensible choice. http://www.peoplenpets.com To find out more or to contact a shelter near you go to http://www.peoplenpets.com.


People N Pets Social Network Site offers plenty of different features which make the site unique.  These different features allow each member to customize their own page the way they desire.  Having numerous of features makes it easier for members to express their love for pets in different ways. Their love can be shared through video, pictures, blogs, discussions, events, comments, or messages.
Adding videos of your pet would allow other people to see exactly what your pet looks like and how he/she interacts in everyday life.  Videos also may be taken from other video sites.  Having cute and funny random videos added to People N Pets enlightens the day.  Pets do funny, cute, and outrageous things and when people catch them on tape it is a reminder of how cute and loving these animals are.  Pictures may also be added to show everyone your pet.  Videos cannot always be captured at the right moment, so therefore, pictures are perfectly fine when showing the world your pet.  When pictures are posted, other members are allowed to leave comments and also feature them with stars.  Posting a blog is another feature that is popular.  Posting blogs about your pet, a story, news report, or an experience shared with a pet.  All these features plus more help people interact across the world.  All the members on People N Pets share all the same quality which is, pure love for pets.
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With this economic crisis, most people need a place to venture off to in order to retrieve happiness, and People N Pets is the perfect place.  Pets have no idea what is happening in this world, they just know that they want to love you unconditionally.  That unconditional love comes from the person you are not the amount of money you have, what kind of car you drive, type of home you live in; it is strictly for the person you are and the love you provide them.
People N Pets is full of connections that can connect tons of people from around the world.  People N Pets has links to shelters and other pet sites that will allow People N Pets to expand on the internet.  These features allow us to post articles, links, press release, and blogs that will eventually spread across the world.  Pet love can and will be all over the world which, can only have a positive effect since pets offer the most love that can be given. To learn more about People N Pets visit http://peoplenpets.com/

Many people may ask “How can joining a pet social network like People N Pets help shelters?” Well that answer is that it definitely can help in many ways.  With this economic crisis, many people are having a hard time taking care of themselves, much less a pet.  Therefore, shelters are having pets pour into their facilities.  Shelters are being overcrowded and need to try and find loving home for their pets.  Just like humans, pets need love too and want to offer their love to a loving home.  This is where People N Pets comes in handy to these shelters that need help.  People N Pets is a social Network where pet lovers join, and also people who have a high interest in pets.  These are the kind of people that shelters are searching for, people that will love and care for their pet.  This social network is the perfect place to find someone who is sincere about taking care of a pet. Also, another advantage that People N Pets has to offer to shelters is that there are donations that are welcomed.  There will be a drawing once enough donations are collect, then one of the shelters will win all the money that will go strictly towards their shelter.  Overall, it is a win-win situation for the shelters that join.

Have you ever wanted to just express your love for pets and how much they mean to you?  Well I have the perfect solution for you, People N Pets Social Network is for all pet lovers. http://www.peoplenpets.com This is a site that lets you express your feelings towards your pets.  We all know that our pets make our day so much better just by the wagging of their tail, their unconditional love, or perhaps their sloppy kisses.  All these signs of love that our pets give, allows us to have a better day and know that we can come home to a pet that will always love us no matter what.  Sharing these feelings with other people, allows you to share love with other people.  We all know that this world is going through hard times, and we all want to save the pets that are being mistreated, unfed, and also who are placed in a sloppy home; well, People N Pets is the perfect place to meet people who feel the exact same as you and want to save pets.  Shelters are in deperate needs to find wonderful homes for pets in need, having People N Pets can help shelters advertise to people who are pet lovers and want to save the sheltered animals.  Remember that People N Pets is designed for all pets and also not only people who have pets, but also people who enjoy pets and who may one day become a pet owner. Please Join to show your pet love. http://www.peoplenpets.com